Thursday, January 3, 2013

For Sandy

         A flutter, an instant, a moment, a whisp...embrace if you are aware they are there or maybe that is awareness in the moment.

        They present themselves in such unexpected ways and in the most ordinary ways so as to belie their very existence:

a passing look, a wink
a single word, spoken from brimming soul
a sip, just one - coffee please: two creams and one sugar
a quiet moment of peace
a yip from a puppy's dream
a note suspended, anticipating the next pitch, teasing - caresses, dissipates
a throat knot, feelings deeper than I recognize
a bite of a sugar cookie, gotta' be home made
a fragrance transporting to innocence
a hug, lasting longer but not intended so
a hidden goodbye
a silent tear, not shared
lovely ghosts these

For Sandy - May the angels carry you to paradise, may they speed you on your way. 
Love you bunches... 
Little brother here...

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