Friday, November 1, 2013

More Musings about Teaching....Hold On

     It's Friday morning. Again.... This keeps happening. Over and over and over. With "Friday" comes a stream of feelings, memories or a quandary as to just what to do. That's one of the blessings of teaching at the college level. I may or may not have classes on a Friday. This semester, I don't. But even if I did, students come in for class for an hour or so, and they leave. Most class periods are great; students are engaged and I'm in my element.

       Teaching elementary, I was at the mercy of a seven or eight (or more) hour day for five days a week with about thirty students in one space.  It was even frowned upon for teachers to take a bathroom break (although we were afforded a thirty minute prep period most days in which I did little prep, and more prop). I could call the parent of a child in the evening, just to inform the parent of this youngster's behavior that day. You can imagine the child's behavior had not been helpful or pleasant. The next day, all was solved. The child who had left class the day before arrived an angel the next morning. That lasted awhile. The parent's response upon receiving my call was one that spawned relief for me, "I'll handle that. You won't have any more problems, and if you do, call me." Done. Back to the present...

     So, it is Friday. I have no elementary students present for a spelling test:
               "execute; spell 'execute'; the word is 'execute'; 
               'the student will execute his plans to build a project for science. 
               The word is 'execute'."

      Instead, I can bask in the amazing repartee of yesterday's class; students were so engaged in our topic with regard to diversity, tolerance, inclusivity and upon what premises, beliefs or basis such ideas were based. Except for the occasional assistance to stay on track, my students perpetuated a well articulated and interesting discussion. No spelling to check.

      Well, it's still Friday. Maybe grade papers? We'll see. 

Enjoy this clip - it fits a Friday and life in general. Have a great weekend. Hold On! I'll come back to this clip in a future blog. It has been an amazing catharsis for me. 

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  1. I have to say .... you were always very engaging and I loved your class. We always had wonderful open discussions. You are a wonderful "TEACHER" in so many ways. You touch lives in ways you will never know or understand. Thank you for touching mine and for being YOU! I am so beyond honored to count you as a friend. <3