Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Am I still here if a tree falls in the forest?

Something like that. Such a wonderful question and pondered by many. Its answer may be anecdotal or analytic, depending on the person so engaged. What about that tree? Is a tree actually dependent on me or some other creature in order to make a big crashing sound when it falls? Personally, I hope not. There is certainly plenty to be said for being a catalyst for change, thought, hope, and new perspectives. Seeing new light shine through a student's eyes or even a smoldering light finally give up the ghost is an amazing moment. A basic, "Ohhhh, I get it" is auditory euphoria.

Being such finite creatures, just what all do we not know or realize about ourselves? At what point might one decide to not be in the forest with a tree; not be in the forest; listen to the tree or not; listen and not care; go to a different forest? It appears much has to do with perception, more self to self revelation and owning permission to be authentic even when our authenticity is so different from the person we have "demonstrated" to the world for so long.

At this point in life, the energy it requires to be fully "not me" is not worth it.  At what point does one choose to "chunk" all the social conventions and the old scripts of "Be good" in order to be honest? I am an avid believer in the positive good of social convention as long as we realize we have chosen to follow said conventions.

How many of us have learned such superb masking skills that if others knew us fully, they would likely be shocked or horrified or perplexed or amused even. Are there consequences (one might say results or effects since "consequences" does connote a sense of guilt or shame or retribution - at least in my world) to such authenticity? Actually, being more authentic may be just the ticket for a pleasant journey while on this massive earth ship.

I hear my Daddy in the back of my mind..." 'Nuff said."
Thanks for reading. More later.

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