Thursday, May 11, 2017

Les mots sont formidable, n'est-ce pas?

Hello all,

What a delight to see additional followers. I should think it easier to follow if there is something to follow! Such bodes the need for additional commentary and possibly (probably) more awareness for others to know that this blog exists. Yet, such arbitrary word crafting is an inherent trait in many of us who write; I suggest quite a bit of writing is not an actual physical, tactile, kinesthetic activity, but a mental, emotional, even spiritual awareness that insists, usually, to be recorded, and not remain a member of an unspoken oral tradition. Is such even possible?

I continue to remind students how powerful words are. The choice of a word may take some time; there are just so damn many words! The connotation and denotation must be considered; will the word chosen have the impact I intend? One of my favorite phrases, not of my own creation, is "Intention often determines interpretation." I must agree. I suggest it follows that I have a choice with regard to my intention. Our social norms, specifically those connected with spoken language, provide rather poignant communication based on our intentions. The brevity of sentences, or the tone of voice, eye contact, rhythm, pace, context, timing; all (and more) provide meanings that may be quite subtle or blatantly obvious.

So, one might ask (we'll say one is asking) just why I should choose today to write again. It's simple. I am striving to secure a position at a local university, and if I say that I write a blog, it would likely be in my best interest to demonstrate that such is true. So, a few words on words today is my offering to you.

By the way, with the continuing evolution of our language i.e., e-mail messages, messaging, text messages and the other constructs, I find in some ways I am "old school"; such doesn't bother me. In fact, I find it a rather amusing tool when connecting with those who are forty years (or more) younger. Never did I think I would experience a generation gap, yet as I continue to grow into my age, I find that such gaps can and do occur. So, I may choose to fall in the gap, lacking the vocabulary to request assistance, or I may yell across the gap and ask for a few definitions and directions for using today's communication styles. So, with some regularity, I am instructed in the meanings and usage of words and sometimes the intentional lack of words. I'm amused and perplexed. My students? I suspect they are quite amused when an older guy attempts to speak their vernacular. Eventually, I may know when something is dank, dope or lit. Until then, I shall continue to observe these amazing young students, with every intention of perplexing them with my own sense of words. 

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