Friday, July 29, 2016


It's Friday morning. 
This keeps happening. 

Friday morning - for me - tends to have a sense of decompression, that is...
until I realize it is indeed Friday morning, and I haven't completed the whole week's tasks or 
at least my predetermined, projected tasks (entirely too ambitious so as to insure the emotional quagmire I find myself navigating - well, trying to get out of) in order to measure up to the perfection I deem required. 

Such fuels angst (I simply love this word - angst - would you believe if you feel angst in the USA, you also feel angst in Germany - same word, same meaning...linguistic thing). I think I would rather feel angst than frustration or irritation or fear or good old self loathing. 

The word just smacks of vocabulary with a bit more posh, panache and polish. By the way, use a short vowel "a" like the sound one makes with tongue stuck out, and doctor's pop-sickle stick stuck into the recesses of the throat: say "Ahhhhh,,,,,,," - angst. Does such an effort for this specificity of pronunciation seem unnecessary just like referring to a grouping of furniture, a set, as a suite of furniture (pronounced "sweet") instead of our standard "suit" as that which refers to a coat and slacks or similar ensemble? 

May I suggest you try pronouncing words with some variety? Why?

1. Others notice and question your accuracy. 
2. Others notice and question their accuracy.
3. Others notice and wonder which country you are from and what your native language is.
4. Others notice and determine that you must think you are above them - in some way. 
5. Others notice and find it amusing. 
6. Others do not notice.
7. Others notice but do not know the meaning of the word in the first place.
8. Others notice, and feel sorry for you, "God bless him - he don't know no better." 

Elevating vocabulary - what a concept. I shall have to tell you the tale of a dear young lady who thought all she did for a living was "cut chicken"; however, upon closer scrutiny, she was quite the professional. Her language was elevated in addition to her sense of self and pride. More to come. 

Have a happy Friday, devoid of any angst whatsoever. 


  1. I find this post amusing - in many ways! I listen to talk radio and often criticize the show hosts and their improper pronunciation of a word or their misuse of noun/verb agreement, etc. but thing that give me the most angst (is that word appropriate here?) is when someone says, "Well, you see, what the problem is, is that . . thus and such." Why not just form your sentence correctly and just SAY what the problem is instead of prefacing it with a double use of is? Sheesh! Have you ever read a blog titled The "Task at Hand - A Writer's Ongoing Search for just the Right Words"? Now, she's a wordsmith if there ever was one. Thanks for stopping by my fig preserve post, Tim. All the best to you!

  2. Oops, there I go . . . I failed to edit my own reply, and now I see a few typos. Please correct and make me look better . . . .