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Based on yesterday's comments about angst, I suppose that one's habits may well create angst or possibly angst created said habit. We choose quite a few behaviors, I think you will agree, in response to some situation whether from the past or present, we craft behaviors or thought patterns, beliefs and behaviors in order to cope. Why cope? Why should I cope? My suggestion is coping provides some degree of relief or sense of security. Coping may be a safe defense, one that avoids conflict. Coping may be settling for what is, not realizing or having the awareness of just how much power we have to change our own perceptions or even more efficacious, our responses. How much of ourselves are we willing to share, give away, keep? Again, habit is part of this discourse. Consider how and when and possibly from whom you learned habits? Often, we are not aware of them until some event or someone affords us awareness.

If this is how I have lived (whatever that may be), then this construct is familiar and in some respect, comfortable, resulting in a sense of security. Just knowing that one can count on something or someone, regardless how unhealthy or toxic such is, provides some sense of security. Awareness of our habits in terms of communication, interaction with others, beliefs, preferences, even fashion :) can create an epiphany, a catharsis in order to accept the current order of life or determine that changes are necessary.

So, why the word "habit"? Habits can be great - brushing your teeth is a good one. Eating well, exercising, maintaining appropriate boundaries with others, being authentic in word and deed. Your own lists reflect you. Detrimental habits were adequately engaged above; my primary suggestion there is to become aware. This takes stopping long enough (difficult in today's hyper-paced world and overload of stimuli, bombarding us constantly) and taking a good look. It may not be easy. It requires honesty to self and others. You will note that in the etymology link provided below that the word "habit" has quite an extensive chronology of meaning. A primary definition deals with the habit of a religious order, the distinct dress of an order. I rather like these visible habits whether of a nun, monk, friar, or other who has taken vows to observe certain behavioral habits as well. To see them affords me a sense of stability and a gracious bow to the past. Perception. What do you think?

Now, if I can just make the crafting of a daily blog a habit!
Wishing you a superb day, enjoying your best habits. (Please find below a link to an etymology page with most interesting information about the word of the day, habit!


Etymology of "habit"

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