Friday, October 12, 2018

Today is......

"Today is......." What a great and innocent prompt to get someone else to tell me what day it is. Yesterday, I decided to jump in and guess the date. It's the eighth, right? With appropriate chuckles, I was informed that it was actually the 15th of August, 2016. Even 2016, as I wrote the abbreviation '16 seemed as though I was writing 1916. What's the deal? This experience is fairly new for me. I'm good with the day of the week, most of the time, but the date itself is more challenging. It is so true that time speeds up or seems to speed up as one grows older.

Well, this news of the date reminded me, again, the school days are upon us. Today, my final grades were due for the summer term. Done. My class did very well. My syllabi for upcoming classes are due tomorrow. Fortunately, having taught some of these classes, a few date changes (hopefully, the right ones), and some adjustments to assignments. and I'll be good to go.

It has taken a long time to realize I can make some of the work easier on myself, especially with today's technology. Gone are the days of the mimeograph machine, either hand cranked or electric, requiring a ghastly smelling liquid and the hazard of having blue tinted hands and clothes. Mentioning mimeographed pages to my classes creates a most interesting and amusing haze to appear across the faces of these young college students. Carbon paper? Typewriters with a pencil for erasing, or a dusty tape to type out a mistake or the best thing to come along: this white paint out of a wee jar.

Let's see; I began writing this in August of 2016; it is now October of 2018. The word that stands guard within the clockworks of this Blog is Draft. So, whatever message was intended initially will hopefully come through and I can send one Draft guard on to the next incomplete thought.

Writing is a bit fickle. So am I. 

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