Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Best Teddy - nope, only Teddy

best buddy
only buddy

best friend
only friend

best dog
only dog

best little guy
only little guy

best pup
only pup

You lap water and bring your small, wet, white furry chin to share some.
You bring your toy just so I'll fight you for it.
You tell me when it's time to go to bed - with just a look.
You know when I'm coming home long before I arrive - you just know.
You sling toys over your shoulder until you find the right one in your toy basket.
You run to greet me.
You smile and remind me that joy is just in being fully you.
You run, pulling me along with you; I laugh and chuckle at the strength such a little guy can have.
You fit in my hand when eight weeks old.
You made my shoulder your safe place.
Your curl of a white tale is a plume like a feather.
You go with me for big adventures: the post office, the drug store, the gas station.
You ride in the car, on my lap, head out of the window, face leaning into the wind, sniffing all that comes your way.
You take a bite from my fork, gently, with the manners of a Prince.
You sit next to me when I need quiet support.
You wait and wait and wait for me.....
You have given and still give with no expectations.

Best puppy - nope, only puppy.
Best friend - nope, only friend.
Best guy - nope, only guy.
Best buddy - nope, only buddy. 

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