Monday, May 14, 2012

That's too much...

Lessons present themselves yet I'm still often oblivious to them. Today, a dear friend decided it was time to "stop" - that is to "stop" or "give up" one piece of his life's luggage, a piece that was adding just enough weight to remind him how much was too much. Like having to leave a burning home in a hurry as flames hurl death, it can be hard to know what to leave behind, put down or pick up. I admire him. I admire his wisdom to know what to put down and when to put it down.

Whether it is a duty, a job, a relationship, or a habit (good for you or not), what a relief to have permission to say, "Stop, that's too much." Such a moment of personal liberty and self love reminds me I'm human, and as such, have limits. My friend's ability to respect his own limits encourages me to respect mine as well. Such takes some time, time to reflect and identify invisible borders (well, there's another word in this inventory and yet each one smacks of meaning still relevant) that can either save or enslave us.

I don't think a limit is a deficit of character, but a definition of character. Limits are boundaries that keep me safe. Maybe the words themselves (limits and boundaries) are synonyms, only differentiated by who is saying them and when. I like that idea. I would like to think that my friend, by owning his limits, is a little less stressed today, a little lighter in mind and soul. Thanks for the reminder today.

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