Saturday, May 12, 2012

Blog...Such a Word!

Blog....Such a Word!

It approximates "bog" I think and a bog is a place I doubt is easy to navigate. Such a place as a bog brings to mind dark and wet, mud and roots, vines and bugs. Some such things have to be waded through; others just need a good swat. Either way, a bog isn't something a person runs through without thought. But, what if I do? What if I run through a bog (or a blog) with abandon, not thinking, just being and moving and falling and then find myself laughing through it all or crying, sobbing, wishing I hadn't been so free in a moment and a place that I have been told requires caution? 

Well, I guess I should then define "caution". Seems to me that caution is that vigilance taught to us keeping us from getting hurt, and then I have to ask what "hurt" is and how do I know hurt when hurt happens? Just how much of our behavior is old expectation, required by some force that has us on a leash? I think I have spent far too much time worrying about how attractive my leash is and less time on whether or not I should be on a leash. 

One of the most provocative films I have ever seen is "Yentl" with Barbara Streisand. If you have seen it, you recall her adamant resolve to take off her leash and be herself fully. She did it. The songs provided lyrics and rhythm to embrace the passion and belief and message of the film. "Where is it Written?" especially: Where is it written what I'm supposed to be....? I paraphrase, but I highly recommend it to you. Whether you care for the style of music or not, hear the message. 

How many of us are in bogs, on leashes and don't know it? Which of us has the most amazing leash? Check your neck. Check what you're walking in, dodging, swatting, or maybe you are indeed running with abandon, swatting gnats with a jewel encrusted leash as you laugh and cry and sob and trust that your life is as it can be.

I pray that joy and our own full humanity brings us through bogs and unbuckles our leashes.
Peace to you.  Tim  

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